Readers And Writers, Listen Up!

“What a powerful book!  I read it to her last night and we both had tears in our eyes.  Wonderful book and message!  I wish you success and continued healing.” 

Chris Topper, Ottawa


Sally cover

With its beautiful full-paged coloured illustrations, SALLY is the heartwarming story of the friendship between a teenaged boy and a homeless woman showing the extreme necessity of compassion and acceptance for one another, especially in times of suffering or isolation.  We are never truly alone.  It demonstrates the strong connection between mental illness and homelessness.  Sally was written for youth to adult in 2005 during my difficult battles with mental illness.  It sells for exactly $20 and is appropriate for any age (parents should always read the story first to elicit discussion).  It is now in Ottawa bookstores and can be purchased at and  




JF Macdonald


Author presentations are currently being booked.  I present on the strong connection between reading and writing to groups in PRIMARY, JUNIOR, INTERMEDIATE, and HIGH SCHOOL.  I also conduct WORKSHOPS with individual classes, both READING and WRITING workshops. The reading workshop is a detailed reading and discussion of my new book, Sally. The response thus far has been phenomenal. The more we read, the better we write.  The more we write, the better we read.  Students will join me on a journey through The Colourful World Of Reading And Writing, as they learn tried and true techniques that will strengthen their skills in both reading and writing.  Find a love of writing and reading through the adventures of an author who’s been there, done that, and will do more.


MAY, 2016 – ST. ANTHONY – Paul McGuire (principal) – [email protected]

MAY, 2016 – HOLY FAMILY ELEMENTARY – Barry Oliver (principal) – [email protected] 

MAY, 2016 – ST. LUKE BARRHAVEN ELEMENTARY – Chris Risto (principal) – [email protected] (2 presentations and 4 reading workshops)

FEBRUARY, 2016  MONSIGNOR PAUL BAXTER ELEMENTARY  RUTH E. DICKINSON LIBRARY  Sally book reading & mental health talk  60 grade 2 students – Sean Haughian – [email protected] (teacher) & Tina Sidoli – [email protected] (teacher)

JANUARY, 2016  ST. ROSE OF LIMA (**NOTE: READING & WRITING WORKSHOP)  Joan Barry (principal) – [email protected] & Michael McIssac (grade 6 teacher)  [email protected] [22 COPIES OF SALLY SOLD!]

JANUARY, 2016  GUARDIAN ANGELS ELEMENTARY  Chris Gauthier (teacher)  [email protected]

JANUARY, 2016  ST. ROSE OF LIMA (**NOTE: READING & WRITING WORKSHOP)  Joan Barry (principal)  [email protected] & Alva Donaldson (grade 3/4 teacher)  [email protected]

DECEMBER, 2015  ST. JAMES ELEMENTARY  Elizabeth Dean (principal)  [email protected] [13 COPIES OF SALLY SOLD!]

DECEMBER, 2015  ST. MARGUERITE D’YOUVILLE  Kim Giles (principal)  [email protected]

DECEMBER, 2015  ST. BERNARD ELEMENTARY  Richard Chaplinky (principal)  [email protected]

NOVEMBER, 2015  ST. GEORGE ELEMENTARY  Tim Slack (principal)  [email protected]

NOVEMBER, 2015  ST. CLARE Lise Powell (principal)  [email protected] 

OCTOBER, 2015  ST. ROSE OF LIMA (**NOTE: READING & WRITING WORKSHOP)  Joan Barry (principal) – [email protected] & Shannon Watson (grade 4/5 teacher)  [email protected]

OCTOBER, 2015  ST. ROSE OF LIMA  Joan Barry (principal)  [email protected]

MAY, 2015  ST. ANTHONY ELEMENTARY  Paul McGuire (principal) – [email protected]

MAY, 2015  OUR LADY OF VICTORY – Elaine Phinney (principal) – [email protected]

MAY, 2015  ST. GABRIEL ELEMENTARY – Jane Hill (principal) – [email protected]

APRIL, 2015  ST. EMILY ELEMENTARY – Susan Greenman (teacher librarian) – [email protected] 

APRIL, 2015  CORPUS CHRISTI ELEMENTARY (**NOTE: PRESENTATION TO PARENTS)  Joanne Kennedy (acting principal)  [email protected]

APRIL, 2015  CORPUS CHRISTI ELEMENTARY – Joanne Kennedy (acting principal) – [email protected]

APRIL, 2015  ST. LEONARD ELEMENTARY – Cathy Faux (principal)  cathy[email protected]

MARCH, 2015  OUR LADY OF FATIMA – Mike Keeler (principal) – [email protected]

MARCH, 2015  McMASTER ELEMENTARY – Jennifer Grant (principal) – [email protected]

MARCH, 2015  ST. MICHAEL FITZROY ELEMENTARY – Justin Nolan (Acting Principal) – [email protected]

MARCH, 2015  HOLY CROSS ELEMENTARY – Aileen Kromrey (Resource teacher) – [email protected]

JANUARY, 2015  DR. F.J. McDONALD ELEMENTARY – Mary Murphy-Semenchuk (principal) – [email protected] & Line Joyal-Culbertson (Teacher) – [email protected] & Julie Seguin (Teacher) – [email protected]

JANUARY, 2015  ST. JOHN PAUL II – Sean Crookshank (principal) – [email protected]

NOVEMBER, 2014  GUARDIAN ANGELS ELEMENTARY – Chris Gauthier (teacher) – [email protected]

OCTOBER, 2014  MONSIGNOR PAUL BAXTER ELEMENTARY – Ann Louise Revells (principal) – [email protected] & Sean Haughian (teacher) – [email protected]

MAY, 2014  ST. PATRICK’S ELEMENTARY – Shannon Oxley (teacher) – [email protected]