Reflections From Another Side: Mental Illness Survivors and Advocates Unite to Write (Chipmunka Publishing, UK, 2018) is an anthology of collected works written by 15 mental illness survivors and 10 mental health advocates. Collaborated with, and directed by advocate, author, and speaker, Chris Nihmey, this collection of short stories, poems, letters, journals, and autobiographies takes a large bite out of the stigma of mental health.

Reflections From Another Side, written for all, 14 and up, proves that with loving support, compassion, and acceptance, talents can flourish and healing does happen. This anthology demonstrates what one is capable of achieving when help is provided. Help builds hope, and with hope comes healing. It is then that anything is possible.


Life takes twists and turns, ups and downs, and you never know what road you will take, or where it will lead you. Meet Sally. Tom did, and his life was never the same again. Neither was Sally’s.

With its beautiful full-paged coloured illustrations, by Mario Jamora, Sally (Chipmunka Publishing, UK, 2015), is the heartwarming story of the unexpected friendship between a teenaged boy and a homeless woman, showing the extreme necessity of acceptance, compassion & empathy for one another, especially in times of suffering or isolation. We are never truly alone. This is a story that demonstrates the strong connection between mental illness and homelessness. Sally was written for youth to adult in 2005 during my difficult battles with mental illness. It is a story for any age.

Sally carries a deep and profound message. I was convinced that the primary message was “reach out and help someone who is suffering and alone”. Once I completed the story, I realized there was another hidden message. It is this: Give and you shall receive. Jesus shared this message with us 2000 years ago. Although Tom changes Sally’s life forever by giving of himself, something even more magical happens. He realizes that his life has changed just as much, because of his acts of kindness. It is a powerful message of reciprocity. That’s how love works. If only we all recognized it.

Disclaimer: Tom is an 18-year-old student. He is an adult and is therefore old enough to approach someone who lives on the street. If you are under 18, do not approach anyone without adult accompaniment.


I once stood tall, determined and confident in every way. I planned to find a beautiful wife, a happy home and a fulfilling job, accompanied by financial freedom. In the blink of an eye, I got none of it. Instead, I was delivered an insurmountable blow that knocked me awry, destroying my stability, my desire and my ambition.

While others climbed the hill to success, I could only watch in awe and amazement as family, friends and colleagues accomplished the very things that, at one time, I hoped I could achieve. An inch from death, I mustered every bit of faith, strength and courage to get back on my feet.

This book is a memoir. It is about my battle against mental illness that has gone on for over half my life. You never knew. Now you will.

No one has to hide. No one has to live behind a lie. There are two sides to every story. For the longest time, I’ve had to live only one side of my story, while concealing the other. You will not believe what went on behind closed doors! The truth is finally revealed. A story could not be more accurate in its account. Will I be accepted? That is up to you. Differences are not what matter in life. It is acceptance of differences that matters most. Why should we be afraid? One in five will tell you … it only hurts. Until we can separate the person from the illness, change will not happen. Witness my story, Two Sides To The Story: Living A Lie (Chipmunka Publishing, UK, 2013), and you will never look at mental illness the same again.

Disclaimer: If your child is under the age of 14, please read the story first. You can then decide if it is appropriate for them, and will be able to discuss things. If your child is aged 14 and over, I still encourage you to read it as well, to open the lines of discussion. My story was written to educate and inspire both parent and child on the issues.

NOTE: Can be ordered at Barnes & Noble bookstores in the US.


His next adventure has begun!

In this second book of the National Bestselling series, A Quarter Past Three, Tommy T. Timson has arrived in Ancient Egypt in the year 1240 BC.

Tommy has landed in the clutches of a band of travelling thieves, who, with the help of stolen scrolls, are journeying to rob the tomb of one of the great kings of Egypt. He joins two other captives–a brother and sister–and learns that the reunion of their family rests solely on the return of the scrolls to the Egyptian authorities. With no sign of his magical friend, Percival, and a diminishing sense of hope, Tommy must trust his new companions as they embark on an adventure that will lead them through the sweltering sun, hot sands, and perilous waters of Ancient Egypt. He must also find the strength and courage to reach his destination–the magical door that will bring him one step closer to home. Tommy has twenty-four hours after his arrival to find the magical door, because at a quarter past three, it will appear for only one minute. If he fails to reach it, he will be lost in time forever!

Will he find the door in time, or remain merely a lost treasure of time? The hourglass is draining quickly as a quarter past three draws near.

Published by Turtles Publishing, Canada, in 2003.


What if…

You were lost in time, without your family and friends? You had no clue where you were? You did not know how you had arrived there?

What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you trust? HOW WOULD YOU GET HOME?

Tommy is stuck in the year 1215 AD. One minute he is at school and the next, he is surrounded by moats, castles and knights. Lost in time, Tommy must make it back to his family and friends. With the help of a friendly wizard, Tommy must find the courage to escape many dangerous traps on the road to a magical door that will bring him closer to his destination – home. He is caught in a whirlwind race that will either lead him to his warm bed back home, or leave him experiencing medieval madness in the year 1215 forever! His time of departure: A Quarter Past Three

Published by Turtles Publishing, Canada, in 2001.