Writing Workshop – Gr. 1 – Gr. 12

Writing Workshops For Gr. 1 to Gr. 12



“Writing literally saved my life. Writing became my purpose for continuing on through the most difficult of times. My stories have become beacons of hope for others. Reading is food for the brain. Writing takes that food, analyzes it, organizes it, adds imagination & creativity to it, and then shares it with the world.”

The Writing Workshop is a chance for the author to get to know the students on a personal and creative level, and help them foster a lifelong love of writing. Sharing my expertise, success, and challenges as an author, students are guided through the writing process from an idea to a finished product, edited and ready to be shared. With a hands-on approach, every student gets the opportunity to produce their own piece of writing, and learn the process involved in creating a book. Unique themes for this workshop can be discussed prior to the visit. The themes of health & wellness, respect, acceptance, compassion & empathy are always possible options for story writing.

Words have power. Words can change lives. In this workshop, I introduce and use my three mental health-based books, Two Sides To The Story: Living A Lie, Sally (Chipmunka Publishing, 2013 & 2015) and Reflections From Another Side (Chipmunka Publishing, 2018). As well, I take students on a journey back in time to my first two books in a time travelling series titled A Quarter Past Three. Each of my books have been a pivotal tool instilling change. Students are always encouraged to share their stories. Teachers will be provided with a detailed package on writing tips to produce effective stories and books.

I run workshops with students from GRADES 1-12. My workshops are age-appropriate. No matter the age, writing is a lifelong venture. I would be happy to visit to speak with you and your students.

Workshop Details

Time for Workshop: 2 hours (half-day) or more (TBD)

Presentation Fee: $600 for one workshop, $800 for two workshops.

Travelling to your city: I would love to visit. There will be reasonable travelling expenses needed for trips that require 2 or more hours of driving.

If you are interested in a visit, please click on the “Reserve Your Presentation Now” button. This will take you to my “Contact Chris” page. Thank you.

Changing Schools One Word At A Time

Since 2013, I have hosted over 70 presentations and workshops on the gifts of reading & writing. I would love to come out to your school to present to your staff and students.

Literacy. It is one of the most important gifts bestowed upon us, yet so many students lack the education and resources necessary to read & write effectively. They are the building blocks of all learning. With effective use of these critical skills, we foster an enjoyment in learning and in life. We create a passion which will lead to future success down any chosen path.

Iliteracy. When a child cannot write or read, they lack a desire to speak up, to reach out, and to share their ideas, their stories, their adventures. Grades suffer, motivation drops, and there is a higher  likelihood they will drop out of school before graduation. With a strong base of reading and writing, a student is equipped for subsequent learning and lifelong success. If we can instill an enjoyment in these areas, imagination and creativity will do the rest. As an author of 6 publications, my presentation stirs this energy, this joy, creating a yearning to reach for more in reading and writing, and in life. We can change our schools one word at a time and, in turn, avoid the devastating effects of illiteracy. We all have a story to share. My own journey proves that sharing your story will not only change your life, but also the lives of those you impact.

If you are interested in a visit, please click on the “Reserve Your Presentation Now” button. This will take you to my “Contact Chris” page. Thank you.


Chris came to my grade 5 class to teach a workshop on descriptive writing. He helped the students organize their ideas and add colourful language to entertain their audience. He showed them how to use his personalized charts and lists as a reference for when they faced writer’s block. When his workshop was over, the students had tools to help with descriptive writing and they were so excited to get started. He was educational, entertaining, and inspiring!

Shannon Watson

Teacher, Ottawa

The students had a great time working with you. You make story writing fun. They have been working very hard on writing their stories. Thank you very much for taking them through the process and providing us with the resources.
Alva Donaldson

Teacher, Ottawa