Audio & Video Presentations

The following are television and radio interviews from several prominent media organizations. Included as well are videos of my mental health journey, highlighting my mental health advocacy (including my publications) to reach out to sufferers and their loved ones.

There are also several videos from one of my presentations on my battle with mental illness, and my remarkable recovery to find hope, purpose, and healing. Topics include the early struggles, my diagnosis of bipolar disorder in 2001 (the highs and lows), fighting stigma (having to “live a lie” to protect from prejudice and discrimination), the healing process, and surviving to share my story of hope and healing.

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Personal Leader Inspiration Award




Huffington Post Canada

January 2018

Bell Let’s Talk Day 2018

January 2018

Say Something To Someone

January 2018

Hope and Healing

October 2017

Bring Our Loved Ones Home

April 2017

The Storm Is Coming

September 2016

What Goes Up

September 2016

Must Come Down

September 2016

Master of Disguise

September 2016

You Are The Solution

September 2016

Reaching For Help

September 2016

CKWS Daily Kingston

Summer 2017

Rogers Daytime

May 24, 2016
Interview with Roula Thomas and Dylan Black.

DCN Talk Radio

February 2018

The Stuph File

Spring 2017
Stuph File with Peter Anthony Holder

Carleton Radio

October 2015
By Kabriya Coghlan. The story on Mental Health Awareness Week starts around 20:25

All In A Day

March 20, 2014
CBC Radio 1 Story

CFRA Sunday Night

July 30, 2017
CFRA Podcast – Sunday Night with Rabbi Bulka