Dedication To My Mom



Rommie – “Mom”

How do you define a hero? They come in many forms, they serve in many ways, they give fully of themselves, and they make a dramatic difference in the lives of those they affect. Heroes shine when others stand back because of fear or embarrassment. They always stand up for what is right, no matter the circumstance, and they don’t back down. They have integrity, they walk the talk. They care for and provide hope for the stranger, the needy, the lonely, all the while taking care of their own. They share every ounce of themselves, and even when they are depleted, they renew themselves for the next challenge through a desire to better themselves and those they love. Moral and upright, their faith is a model of God’s love to be shared with others, a beacon of hope for those who are lost or longing for light. A hero always steps forward to lift another and gives them the recognition and praise. The love they feel is not one of pride, for they are humble. They do not boast, but continue to bestow the gift of love upon others.

Mom, you are a blessing, a joy in my life. You are a hero. Thank you for being there when I needed you most. I would never have made it through my darkest days without you, especially when you force-fed me my medication on day one of my long and arduous journey. 16 years and counting. I am who I am because you love me; because you shared your words of wisdom; because you grabbed my arm when I slipped, and lifted me up when I fell. Because you never turned your shoulder.

I love you, Mom. Even from above, you make the greatest of differences in my life. Never forgotten, because you are always there. I can’t wait to see you again soon. You are a hero, Mom. My hero. Thank you.

Love Chris

**Below are two special paintings that my mom created from scratch, pencil to paint. What a talent! She produced 50 paintings in her 50s and 60s, without any instruction or training. What a woman! The little boy painting was given to me with an inscription on the back: “To my special son, Christopher Michael, Love always, Mom, Dec. 1996.” This was just before my storm hit. Thank you, Mom, for weathering the storm. I couldn’t have done it without you.