Mental Illness Awareness Week ran from October 1-7. On October 3rd, the five Faces of Mental Illness for 2017-18 visited Parliament Hill to speak with MPs and Senators about balancing government funds to mental illness, so that mental and physical illnesses are treated equally. Ultimately, mental illness is physical. They are one in the same.   I’d like to thank the following remarkable people (in the order I met them): MP Kitchen, Hon. Sen. Dean, Sen. Stewart Olson, Hon. Sen. Greene Raine, MP Jordan, and Hon. Sen. Sgro. To each of you, and to all MPs and Senators, it was an honour and a pleasure for all of us to meet and greet with you. For your compassion, your acceptance, your understanding, and your desire to promote change, we are grateful. Thank you, Mark Henick and Wendy Preskow, my wonderful partners. You helped make my visit so memorable with your guidance and insight.   A special thank you to all members of CAMIMH ( for your amazing continued support. To my incredible Faces (Martin, Kharoll-Ann, Rachel, Brian) – keep changing lives. You guys are the best! To Emily, Kalene, & Kate, for all that you do to make mental health a number one priority. Everyone, we are making a difference for many. God bless each of you.