Reflections Has Launched!

Mental Health Advocate Chris Nihmey Signs Books at the 2018 Launch of Reflections
And what a launch it was! On Saturday, October 13, 2018, amidst joyous cheers and clinging glasses, “Reflections From Another Side” officially took sail from the KS on the Keys harbour. On our five-hour voyage were family, great friends, and trusted colleagues, each embarking on this special historic journey. This adventure would welcome a plethora of travellers, all who chose to test out the waters. On this journey forward ho, we were greeted by members of the valiant crew: survivors, champions & prolific tale-tellers. They shared stories, recounts, and inspirational tales as our ship sailed toward the distant horizon. It would be a memorable voyage, and the treasures would be plentiful. And the gifts were hope and love, creativity and wonder, and awe. And it was beautiful. And it was good.

The journey now begins for you. Grab the helm, prop your sail, and turn the first page of your new adventure. Join our crew on this tell-tale journey that will take you beyond the horizon, and straight to the stars. Come sail away!